Rug cleaning & repair

Call Market Place Rugs at Westside Market for a thorough and careful Rug Cleaning. We have been selling and cleaning rugs in Atlanta for over 25 years, We specialize in cleaning Oriental rugs and Persian rugs for residential and commercial accounts. Rugs are shampooed for deep soil extraction, odor and spot removal. 

Pet Stain? No Problem

we are experts and masters in the rug repair business. We treat every rug with care, whether it is hand made or machine made. We classify the rug by the style, origin, condition, age and dye.

Rugs differ in many ways and each rug has specific assessments to the repair process. The experts at our facility will examine each rug individually and will be sure to pay close attention to the needs of the repair. They will be looking for wear and tear, pre-existing damage, color fading and stains.

Our rug repair service includes the following kinds of repair:

rug cleaning.jpg
  • Free consultation

  • Appraisal services

  • Repair & restoration

  • Antique rugs restoration

  • Tapestry restoration

  • Fixing holes & Hole patching

  • Restoration of color and designs

  • Binding repair

  • Spot and stain removals

  • Mildew treatments

  • Fringe repairs

  • Cut or add fringes

  • Restoration to corners

  • Reweaving of the rug

  • Bleeding of colors restoration

  • Pet damage restoration

  • Moth proofing

  • Water damage restoration

we look forward to ASSISTING you with any of your rug needs. to make an appointment, call us today 404-941-3466 or email us at