What is a pop-up shop? A pop-up shop is a short term or temporary space used by companies to build brand awareness, launch a new product, test a consumer market or targeted retail location, including experiential marketing.

Imagine having your very own thriving retail space, it doesn't get much better than that when you're looking to build out your brand.

This is an ideal situation for someone just starting their journey in retail. it comes with built-in foot-traffic, loyal clientele, and the ability to acquaint your target demographic with your brand. You will be joining 85 other merchants building their own retail dream. our space has easy access from the highway; is clean and centrally located; has great lighting and atmosphere. We also offer free Wi-Fi, washrooms, a loading dock and more, all for one flat rate. Call us at 404-941-36466 or email us at info@westsidemarketatl.com with your inquiry.