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Become A Merchant

ِِAt Westside Market, we are always seeking the opportunity to provide our customers with an ever changing mix of inventory, where new meets old! If you've ever thought of selling your cool finds, let's talk! Diversity in product has been what distinguishes us from the competition, along with a storefront that lends itself perfectly to our concept, here is why you should join us:

1.  We open & close the store 7 days a week.

2. We sell your product (professionals sales team with over 60 years of combine experience) and give you daily report of what is sold.

3.  We help your customer when purchasing your product into their car or delivery.

4. We do all the marketing to bring traffic into the store.

5. One monthly check pays rent, utilities, insurance or any other bills to run the business.

6. Warehouse and loading dock to receive your shipment everyday.

7. Extra warehouse space if needed for back up product.

8. Best variety mix of home product in Atlanta to give customers one stop shop experience.

9. looking for just wall space, 10X10 booth or 2000 sq ft of retail space? we could cover it all. 

curious? fill out the application below and we'll be in touch soon.